Spiritual Practice

Everything we do
at Unity in Fort Walton Beach begins with prayer!


At Unity in Fort Walton Beach, prayer is our foundation. Each meeting and disussion by staff and small groups begins with prayer, and our church leaders use prayer and meditation times to uphold the vision of our ministry. Unity, as a movement, began very simply with small prayer groups in people’s homes. The results were so inspiring that more people wanted to share the amazing power of prayer with their friends and families.  For more information click here...



"Meditation is an experience, and inasmuch as this experience is an individual one, it can never be confined within the limits of any predetermined pattern. Meditate; pray; dwell in the secret place of the most High in quiteness and in peace; and you will discover that the truth you are seeking already abides within you."  - from The Art of Meditation by Joel Goldsmith

Meditation is an integral part of the spiritual practice at Unity in Fort Walton Beach.  We have regular meditation practice during our celebration service and we have longer sessions at least monthly.  Please take a look at the Calendar of Events for more information.  For more information click here...


Dial 850-864-9139 to hear the Daily Word® message for today,
or click this link for online access:  www.dailyword.org

The Daily Word® offers inspiration and practical teachings through prayer messages to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives. It is compiled by a dedicated team of spiritual writers who provide prayers and inspiration to help people reach their divine potential.  The magazine includes two months of daily affirmations, messages, articles, and spiritual poetry.  It is a Unity® publication, and available at our bookstore.