Prayer Practice at Unity in Fort Walton Beach

All we do at Unity in Fort Walton Beach begins with prayer!

At Unity in Fort Walton Beach, everything we do is founded on prayer. Each meeting and disussion by staff and small groups begins with prayer, and our church leaders use their prayer and meditation times to hold the vision of our ministry.

Unity, as a movement, began very simply with small prayer groups in people’s homes. The results were so amazing that more people wanted to share the amazing power of prayer with their friends and families.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is communion with God.

As we pray, we connect with God within our very own being.  God is both in us and around us – both immanent and transcendent.   As we pray, we connect with God, consciously.  In essence, we are always connected to God, but prayer makes this connection conscious.  As we connect consciously, we bring our mind into alignment with God. 

When we begin to practice prayer daily, our lives begin to take on these attributes of God.  We see through our own experience that we have more peace, joy, love and absolute health than ever before.  Through Prayer we find that all the good God has for you is already present in your life! 

Scripture tells us, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1, KJV)

Pray believing, and it will be done unto you.


What resources do we have to support your Prayer life?

Prayer Chaplains

Unity in Fort Walton Beach Prayer Chaplains complete the intensive, nationally recognized Prayer Chaplain Training Program created by Rev. Lei Lanni Burt, former Unity of Phoenix minister. Upon completion of the Training Program, which has become part of the International Association of Unity Churches’ strategic direction, our Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with anyone who requests prayer support.    For more information click here...

Prayer Team

This team of Unity in Fort Walton Beach congregants is committed to holding our congregation in prayer daily!  They are a powerful and mighty group of anonymous pray-ers, setting and holding the foundation of prayer consciousness upon which this spiritual community is built.   For more information click here...