Lent Series - Day 37 - Holy Communion

Today's reflection is on...

Holy Communion

Today is Wednesday, the 37th day in Lent.
This is entry number 43 in this series.

Today we look at Holy Communion...

We must be ever mindful of our connection to Divine Life. Allowing the veil to thin is our Divine directive. Let us carry with us all that we felt during our visitation with Spirit and the blissfulness of our communion with the Inner Presence of the Divine during meditation, to our movement in ‘this world.’

Remaining in the consciousness that rises during our quiet moments of sacred silence, allowing the veil to thin between what we experience during that time of reflection and the illusions among us in ‘this world,’ is about ceaselessly being mindful of our connection with Divine Life and Love, Divine Wisdom, Power and Strength.

We take those sacred and silent retreats as often as we can on this positive path for spiritual living so let’s go a step further; let’s also carry that experience with us by being mindful that every word we speak is fragrant with love, every creative thought bears the expression of the Divine pressing out, that every action is about being a bouquet of Love’s expression pressing out into visibility through us. Let us maintain the sacred connection and dance with ‘IT.’ Let us allow the veil to thin throughout the day. Let us preserve that intimacy with Spirit we felt during our sacred connection time and also carry that feeling tone with us wherever we go. Let every movement be a dance of joy, see the veil vanishing as we walk one with this inner wisdom, power, peace, harmony and silent strength. Let us do so with gratitude making love to Life.

Affirm: I shift my focus from the outer to and inner, ceaseless prayer of gratitude for everything in my life. As I rest in communion with the Divine Presence within me, the illusion of lack and limitation vanishes and dissolves in the Light of Good. I see my abundance everywhere present and my prosperity is overflowing beyond measure under grace in perfect ways.

– Stephen J. Kosmyna

I affirm: "God's pure life and substance are constantly renewing and rebuilding His holy temple, my body."            - Charles Fillmore

"I observe Holy Communion by keeping the words of Jesus Christ before me, by letting His words of Truth grow in my mind, and by following in His footsteps." - Charles Fillmore

The Scripture reading that Charles Fillmore suggests for today can be found right here: Luke 22:1-23

In his classic work Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore offers daily words of inspiration to reflect on as we move ourselves towards our own resurrection day and the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday and all the newness of Life that it holds for all of us.

For those of you that would like to read along with the book you can find it here on line, just click here: Keep a True Lent