Lent Series - Day 34 - Transmutation

Today's reflection is on...


Today is Saturday the 34nd day in Lent.
This is entry number 39 in this series.

Today we look at Transmutation...

Stand at the foot of whatever mountain you are facing in your life and say ‘Get out of the way.” No, better yet, see it dissolving as you move into your own personal transformation discovering the power within you. Say to this problem; be cast into the sea of nothingness because I Am walking in the energy now of the transformed life I see myself living.

Say: I claim now my new life, walking in a new light; a light of goodness, a light of love and a light that is wisdom. I Am strong and I Am filled with an understanding that shows me the way. I claim my life back, I rise over the illusion of this mountain, I triumph over adversity and I release all that does not serve this resurrection of ME into the life I was called to live. I AM now, prosperously blessed in love, time and money freedom, purpose, passion, loving relationships and with peace of mind. And I Am grateful.

Affirm: Touching the face of Divine Love and living from ITS wisdom imparted within me, I dance in the morning glow of gladness with my arms around my infinite capacity to hold even more of God’s goodness. This Goodness continuously pours Itself into my life and the lives of those I would help to heal and transform as I share this Goodness and shine my Light. With profound thanksgiving, I am grateful for the Goodness of God in my life.” – Stephen J. Kosmyna

I affirm: "Spirit in me is transmuting my body into pure spiritual substance, and my soul rejoice."  - Charles Fillmore

"There is no condition of mind or body that cannot be lifted up. Spirit in me, God's spirit, is powerful and ever present. Spirit is life giving." - Charles Fillmore

The Scripture reading that Charles Fillmore suggests for today can be found right here: John 2:1-11.

In his classic work Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore offers daily words of inspiration to reflect on as we move ourselves towards our own resurrection day and the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday and all the newness of Life that it holds for all of us.

For those of you that would like to read along with the book you can find it here on line, just click here: Keep a True Lent