Lent Series - Day 20 - The Body Temple

Today's reflection is on...

The Body Temple

Today is Thursday, the 20th day of Lent.
This is entry number 23 in this series.

Today we look at The Body Temple...

Sitting in this quiet morning hour, I consider the Inner Flame. I look deeper into Its Divine Brilliance and see that this is my Source. This Inner Presence is also that which I Am with no separation. It lives me, It breathes me, It is eternal. It is the Source of hope, of peace, of joy, of love and health.

Its flame purifies and releases all that is not Truth, all that is not Good, all the illusions and shadows that may rise and attempt to cloak this God Light at my center, the Christ of my being, all that I Am.

I claim this Divine Brilliance with “I Am That.” I hear; 'Peace be still..." coming from my Inner Source, and so It is and so I Am.

Take a moment to smile at yourself in the mirror today. Say something nice to yourself. Speak to the God essence within you, if nothing else just say thank you for making it to this moment and intend to make this an awesome day starting in this very moment.  - Stephen J. Kosmyna

I affirm: "The word of God in me quickens my mind, and my body is transformed into the likeness of His glorious body." - Charles Fillmore

The Scripture reading that Charles Fillmore suggests for today can be found right here: Matthew 6:16-34


In his classic work Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore offers daily words of inspiration to reflect on as we move ourselves towards our own resurrection day and the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday and all the newness of Life that it holds for all of us.

For those of you that would like to read along with the book you can find it here on line, just click here: Keep a True Lent