Lent Series - Day 19 - The Blood of Jesus

Today's reflection is on...

The Blood of Jesus

Today is Wednesday, the 19th day of Lent.
This is entry number 22 in this series.

Today we look at the Blood of Jesus...

This is about our spirituality, growth and radiation of that Christ mind into our physical bodies so that we may consciously walk in the Light of the ever present Good that is eternal.

This is allowing our spiritual consciousness to permeate every cell and fiber of our being. This is allowing and absorbing this Christ consciousness so that it is not only a place in consciousness that we visit when we meditate, but allowing it to also become more of what we are in the flesh as these bodies that move about in this world of form.

When we are nourished by the teachings of Jesus, when we digest His words and follow the way He taught us and showed us to walk, we are metaphysically consuming the Christ presence and consciousness. This is  to 'eat his flesh and drink his blood'  and in so doing, becoming this perfect idea which had its first cause as thought in Divine Mind in physical form too; as within so without.

This energy we are is eternal and we bring this everlasting energy of life to our physical forms when we align our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul with the presence of God through the nourishment of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Realizing victory over every limited belief of the mortal, I affirm: "I rejoice in the restorative power of Jesus' blood now working mightily in me to renew, to restore, and to make every whit whole." - Charles Fillmore

The Scripture reading that Charles Fillmore suggests for today can be found right here: John 6:41-65


In his classic work Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore offers daily words of inspiration to reflect on as we move ourselves towards our own resurrection day and the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday and all the newness of Life that it holds for all of us.

For those of you that would like to read along with the book you can find it here on line, just click here: Keep a True Lent