Thanksgiving 2017 - Rev. Stephen

Thanksgiving Reflection 

The Presence and Power of all that is Good fills me here and now. Today I acknowledge this Presence that is my essence and I grasp for something that is over and above thanksgiving and appreciation.

I come from a place beyond that, beyond compare. There are no words that are enough, no phrases that have been coined yet that go beyond, far beyond the profound thanksgiving I feel when I stand here in awe of the majesty of all creation, the perfect Divine Order of Divine Life Itself expressing and The Divine Reality that in Truth is Love pressing out to be more of what Love is in all the infinite ways It wants to experience Itself as Love.

This is Source shining all It Is in and around us. Beyond appreciation I rise and soar, to a vantage point, a vista, a perspective that says I Am That, I Am. Siting on the seat of bliss filled thanksgiving comes the realization that this profound appreciation rises even higher as I make the choices to be all of what this Divine Reality calls me to be. I see through the eyes of the spiritual being I Am, my divine capacity and infinite potential that is limitless, when I consciously live from this center point and awareness of the Christ of God I Am perpetually called to be, that we are all called to be.

I see that I Am that I Am; I Am this Expression, my whole life then is Thanksgiving  and not simply words of appreciation I speak. I live giving more, giving life and breath to extraordinary gratitude. I see my ‘I Am’ as the Divine pressing out into visibility. I become my own thanksgiving when I rise in consciousness to that place where I can appreciate my own Divine Brilliance, seeing clearly the Image and Likeness of Good as God in me, in my heart and in all that I Am.

My life becomes the ‘phrase’ that expresses this profound appreciation; in every thought word and action, I Am that, I Am.

 Holding those words I just shared, can we then, at minimum contemplate this? What would that look like? Take it to prayer and meditation? The actual BEINGNESS of Thanksgiving this reflection piece calls for?

This is more than a call for a new way to look at Thanksgiving. This is a call to look at Thanksgiving NOT just as something we do, but something are lives are. Something we are ‘being’ - perpetually.  A ‘state,’ a state of Thanksgiving. Consider this and contrast the difference between just being grateful for something, or things, or persons or places or conditions or circumstances.  This power of being what thanksgiving ‘IS’ is transformative in so many ways.

Consider this, right here and now… How would you ‘BE’ if you were ‘BEING’ what thanksgiving is? To be rooted and grounded in gratitude as a foundation for every thought, every word you speak to others and to yourself and in every action you take.

This is a powerful practice and it grants you entry into a higher state of consciousness, a state of awareness that seeks, searches and recognizes all there is to be grateful for rather than taking ego’s dominant lead and thinking astray and letting thoughts just wander aimlessly.

I encourage you to adopt this practice. How would your thinking change if you ran your thoughts through the filter of gratitude? Ask: Does this thought I’m thinking hold some form of appreciation within itself, either for something within me, outside of me, for God? Just stopping long enough to consider a gratitude filter is something to be thankful for! You’re acknowledging and appreciating and looking for the Divine Givingness in everything! Stay the course, it’s there.

Even in hardships, in our times of sorrow and despair, and in the times when anxiety creeps in and adversity seems to be a constant companion, there is the ever-present Divine Givingness of God. It’s called grace and it’s always on, always flowing and grace is always something to be grateful for. Let’s not forget about thanksgiving in advance for the good that always comes out of the difficult times but that we just can’t see from the bottom of the deep, dark pit where we may be choosing to linger for a while. Thanksgiving always pulls us up. We can’t seem to dwell on negative conditions, predicaments and situations when we’re giving thanks. Do this and before long the Light will carry you through.

And that’s just in our thoughts, what about our words? How would we speak if all of our words were fragrant with appreciation and gratitude? Try this the next time you catch yourself drifting to the seat of judgment whether it be inner dialogue or within a conversation with another divine child of God. Can you find the Godness to be thankful for? Can your words be sprinkled with appreciation, praise and blessings? This is something we can all begin right now.

All there is responds to a word of praise. God responds. We respond. Everything responds. The whole world sparkles, quivers, comes alive. Things vibrate and are quickened. We vibrate and are quickened. Heaven and earth are in tune with us, and we are in tune with them. When we give praise, everything wants to give in return.” - James Dillet Freeman

This reminds us that praise is a companion of thanksgiving and when this becomes what we are, what we think and what we speak, we are clothed with the garments of the soul that makes us attractive to the Universe and to all our desires and dreams as well.

"Gratitude places us in the energy field of plenitude. Perceiving life in a consciousness of gratitude is literally stepping into another dimension of living. Suddenly the seeming ordinariness of your days takes on a divine sparkle because life is responding to you for seeing it as it truly is. Let us glow with gratitude today!" -Michael Bernard Beckwith

And finally in our actions. How does being what thanksgiving is, act?

Again I invite you to consider this, to answer this for yourself. To reflect upon how your actions might change, evolve and transform your life as you journey on your path being rooted and grounded in thanksgiving.

To me, I see everything as a miracle in my world as I take each step planting myself firmly on the soil of gratitude. My recognition of the divine in everything is the deliciousness of life. Every person, place and thing becomes alive with the essence of the divine and therefore a thing of beauty to be savored. My attitude is pleasing to everyone around me AND to my soul. The inner peace I feel is as if I Am holding hands with tranquility and my life is not only good, my life is God.

Thanksgiving. Yep, it does all that….and more.

You see this about consideration for the things of Spirit, the intangible livingness of Divine Life Itself that expresses in so many infinite ways. Let’s not forget the things of Spirit this Thanks giving and go beyond gratitude actually becoming what Thanksgiving is and saying I Am that, I Am.

Affirm: Beyond gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation; I Am.

Stephen J. Kosmyna