Rev. Stephen J. Kosmyna

Rev. Stephen is a licensed and ordained Unity Minister.  He is the CEO and Spiritual Leader of Unity Prosperity Ocean International an Alternative Unity Ministry. He has most recently served on the ministerial, spiritual counseling, life coaching, speaking and teaching staff at First Unity of St. Petersburg, FL. He moved to Fort Walton Beach from the Detroit area. Stephen is extremely passionate about working with individuals and groups doing prosperity and dream building work along with transformational life coaching, grief counseling and being in service to others through prayer and meditation.  

He is a certified life coach, a certified law of attraction practitioner, a new age marketing professional, a Martha Creek trained and certified Healthy Congregations Workshop Facilitator, and an Edwene Gaines trained  Master Prosperity Teacher. 

His focus is impassioned inspirational speaking, coaching individuals to live an inspired life through profound personal and spiritual transformation.  Another objective Rev. Stephen has is helping others to establish an abundance and prosperity consciousness, and helping others through a variety of other classes, workshops and plain, old fashioned listening!

Stephen is also passionate about the fundamentals and basic principles taught in Unity and loves to conduct beautiful guided prayer and meditation services.