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The Fourth Week of Advent - Joy


The birth of Jesus must have brought Mary and Joseph indescribable happiness. Their joy was all the sweeter for the hardships they had
endured on their trek to Bethlehem. 

When I am going through a hard time, I remember that joy awaits me on the other side.

Joy is the essence of Spirit energy in me. It may be subdued at times, but it is always there. Ultimately, it cannot be suppressed or denied. As I open my

First Week of Advent - Faith

The First week of Advent is when we remember what Faith is.  Today's meesage is from the Unity Booklet Advent 2015 "All is Calm, All is Bright"

Like Mary and Joseph, I may sometimes find that outer circumstances are not to my liking. “There is no room at the inn,” they were told. But they journeyed on, undaunted.When I face a challenge or obstacle in my life, I, too, carry on. Faith fuels my courage and commitment. As I turn to the

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