My translation of Jesus' Lord's Prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer
                    – My Translation from the Aramaic

Oh Birther, Divine Creator of my experience, my life and great love.

I stand in reverent awe of all I see, hear, and feel in your glorious creation.

Hurry! Come Now! Join ME to this power of the truth and the ability born of your wisdom.

Shine light, wisdom, joy, and happiness through me. You know my deepest aspirations;
help me to recognize and follow my path and the steps I need to take in accomplishing my promise. Show me also how to help others looking for their purpose.

Thank you for providing for my needs today. Thank you for the inspiration to sow seeds for tomorrow’s abundant harvest. Thank you for giving me the ability to water those seeds.

Help me to take steps to relieve the guilt of those who have harmed me as I learn to forgive myself and accept forgiveness from those who seek forgiveness from me.

Keep me from Anger and Apathy, Greed and Gluttony, Lust and Laziness, Pride, and especially Envy. Keep me mindful and purposeful as I sing with joy my daily activities and harmonize my activities with world around me. Guard me against those who speak with anything less than loving kindness. Help me to recognize their suffering and help them carry their burdens.

 I know that manifestations for my life begin with my thoughts.

Help me to choose right thoughts and right livelihood and to align both with mindfulness.