Bill Allen

Bill is a veteran.  He enlisted into the Marine Corps out of High School, at the request of a county judge.  He spent a little time at a lovely resort known as Parris Island Recruiting Depot, before moving on to a short stint at New River Marine Corps Station, just outside of Camp Lejune, North Carolina, and soon landed in Chu-Lai, South Viet-Nam at the ripe old age of 18.  

When his tour was up, he came home to start college at Southern College in Orlando, a small business college and earned an Associates Degree in Business there.

Fast forwarding to the late '70's, Bill is married with 2 beautiful little girls, when he finds an opportunity flying "Puff the Magic Dragon" AC-130 Gunships in an Air Force Reserve unit at Duke Field, FL.  "SIGN ME UP!", he says, THAT SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING I'D LIKE!......  In only a couple of years, Bill converted back into active duty and became an Instructor Sensor Operator on his beloved gunships.  His active duty career ended after many years in Special Operations.

Bill became involved in Unity around the same time as he worked as an independent "Over the Road" truck operator/driver for many years.  At 63, Bill began another career in Real Estate.

Bill currently serves as secretary and trustee of Unity in Fort Walton Beach and is the Vice-President of the Spectre Gunship Organization.  He is on the board of the Emerald Coast Exchange Club, and lastly he is a board member of the Veterans Tribute Tower that will be dedicated this Veterans Day at the Beal Memorial Cemetery.